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    4-22-20:  Students--- Collegiate's Online Library password is nwpca.
    4-19-20:  Dear Students,  The 4th quarter starts with Online Learning on Monday, March 20th!  See you soon... :)  Please get your 4th quarter assignments by clicking on your course/period in the far left column of my teacher web page.   (4-20) I have reset my Google classrooms-   Thanks for your patience:)  Please use the new codes below to join!  Thanks!
    LA10 (B1)      ecwsozj   
    LA10H (A2, B2)    jkxiyai  
    LA11H          4lqj27j 
    Research 9  (A4, B4)        n6s7vhk
    [Please continue to check my website for your course/class period assignments.  Just click on the left column for your class and check your grade level Document Folder for any hand-outs or resources necessary for each assignment.  If you cannot locate something---just email me!   I also have hand-outs and resources for writing assignments in the Language Arts Links-Resources Folder, located in the left column. 
    March 13 - April 19, 2020,
    Dear Students,
    Please check the Erie School District Home page for important updates regarding our school closing. Updates are listed under the "EPS Announcements" section. For current assignments, click on your course/class period in the far left column of my web page.  Online Learning/ Enrichment starts Monday, March 23rd.
    All LA10 classess:  Research--  For now, I am suspending the research paper after the "Revised Outline with Evidence and Works Cited Page."  If you have not submitted steps up to and including the Outline, please do.  You can email any assignment to me.  Please be sure to attach the document to the email.  Please do not type in the email itself.
    All LA10 classes:  If you were unable to complete the last few assignments on tone/mood, etc., please check IC gradebook and complete any outstanding assignments.  Unfortunately, I cannot email the unfinished assignments to you.  Please use the necessary documents in the lesson to create the assignment and submit it to Turnitin.Com.
    All LA11 students:  For now, I am suspending the research paper after the "Excel Notes" assignment. Once you have uploaded the Notes on Turnitin, we will call it a day for now. 
    All LA11 students:  Please click on your course/class in the far left column for enrichment learning.  Submit assignments to Turnitin.Com.
    Research 9:  Please click on your course/class in the far left column for enrichment assignments. Submit assignments to Turnitin.Com. 
    Thank you for visiting my web page!  If you have any questions about assignments or anything else --please do not hesitate to e-mail me at mmargosian@eriesd.org
    Ms. Margosian