• Welcome to
    my page!
    Name:Ms. Heasley
    School: Perry Elementary
    School Phone: 874-6485
    Room #: 212
    Classes: Second Grade
    Planning Time  2:30-3:10 pm.   Contact me at mheasley@eriesd.org
    ZOOM ID  4957617300  Code 546772
    Hello Perry kids and families!
    Here is some information for you!
    Your child's email is his/her lunch number with the eriesd.org
    EX.     123456@eriesd.org
    They can use their email to email me at 
    It is a challenging year of fillingin the gaps from last year's online instruction.  Please make sure to check your child's homework each night.  Our HOMEWORK packet is given each Monday and should be signed and returned on Frida 
    Ms. Heasley