• Mr. Lander's Welcome Page

     WEEKLY UPDATE (3/30/2020 - 4/3/2020): Please continue to the next section of online classes.

    You have arrived at the right place! Due to the nature of this quasi-quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic and the gray areas of the FAPE laws, I will not be adding any graded assignments until further notice. You are welcome to turn in past work from Quarter 3 and I will grade it (unless it was barred on a few of the assignments in Honor's A&P).

    My extra help night is on Mondays at the end of the day. (When life returns to "normal.") 


    Update: although you can drop me a line anytime and I'll usually get back to you quickly, here are my official office hours.


    Monday & Friday: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


    The best way to get ahold of me personally is to send an e-mail or text me on Remind (see bottom).


    Here are some resources that can assess you and guide you through the rest of the curriculum. My computer classes can continue on lessons of their choosing (use your school account that you've been using).

    Honor's A&P: Khan Academy: A&P - CLASS CODE: BFMZYG9A (or on your own and send me questions)
    Forensics: Introduction to Forensics
    Intro to Programming: CODE.ORG (continue lessons - if you need me to unlock something send me a message)
    Computer I/II: Edhesive

    Contact me if you have questions.

    Stay safe and practice social distancing. The global pandemic is serious and dangerous from COVID-19's exponential infection rates and the lack of resources our medical system has to handle the ~15% that require hospitalization at one time.


    Hopefully see you soon, 

    Jordan Lander
    Science Teacher, Erie High School
    814-874-6200 ext. 3435, https://www.eriesd.org/Page/15877



    Parents, Students, and Staff can contact me using the Remind App or texting the message to 81010:

    @esdaandp for Honors A&P;
    @landercsd for CS Discoveries;
    @ehforensic for Forensics;
    @cscience1 for Computer Science I/II

    Here is a visual example for joining:

    remind instructions