90 Day Machining to Employment Program


    90 Day Machining to Employment Program as part of the Machining Program

    Tech After Hours 90 Day Machining to Employment Program is designed to assist highly motivated job seekers secure a position with a local company in the rapidly growing manufacturing field.  Within their first 90 days of class, candidates will complete pre-requisites in order to qualify for the interview/hiring process with HR representatives. If a suitable match is found, and as a condition of employment, newly hired employees will be required to complete the year-long TAH Machining course while working full time for a local manufacturer.

    Machining student requirements:  within the first 90 days of the Tech After Hours Machining Program, students will successfully:

    • Complete OSHA 10 certification
    • Complete NIMS Measurement, Materials and Safety test
    • Complete soft skills training
    • Have no more than two (2) absences/tardies to class

    Employer Assurances:  if the candidate meets the above requirements within the first 90 days of class, the employer will:

    • Review the candidate’s resume
    • Offer the candidate a tour of their facility
    • Offer the candidate an interview

    Conditions of Employment: if the candidate is offered employment by the manufacturer, the candidate agrees to:

    • Submit to a drug screen
    • Continue in the Tech After Hours program for the next nine months (to completion)
    • Abide by employer’s rules and regulations for employment

    If any of the above conditions are violated/unfulfilled, the employer retains the right to terminate employment.