• Hello! I am Ms. Soggs, a Special Education Teacher, at East Middle School. I work with 7th grade. I provide Learning Support Services within the regular education classrooms for math and science. I work closely with the general education teachers to provide adapted lessons and assessments for students. This enables students to access the general education curriculum and be academically successful. I provide small group and one-on-one instruction in all contents areas. 

    I write Individualized Education Plans for students with unique needs. I also provide students with Positive Behavior Support Plans that are in need of monitoring their own behavior throughout the school day. 

    Never hesitate to contact me with any questions about your child and his or her academic and/or behavioral success!


    My contact information is:


    (814) 874-6400 EXT. 1353

    Room: C-209


    Academic Tips:

    Pay attention during instruction and take useful notes

    Ask for clarification 

    Complete assignments in a quiet learning space

    Study study study!


    April 20th we will be transitioning to online schooling using Google Classrooms! All students have been sent an invitation to join each of the classes they were in when school let out. These invitations have been sent to your child's school email address. Please refer to Google Classrooms for assignments for the rest of this school year! 

    Your child's teachers will have office hours designated for your communication needs. They will each be assigned specific days and times for you to be able to reach out for any questions or concerns! Check your child's teachers' web pages for their office hours.

    My Office Hours:

    Monday and Tuesday 10am-11am and 130pm-230pm

    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11am-1pm


    Every Friday, part of my office hours, I will be available to chat live. Check your child's "Stream" in Google Classrooms for a link to join at 12pm-1230pm. All of the 7th grade teachers from our Team will be present :)

    You may use these hours for communication, but you can also email me, or any of your child's teachers at any time, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    Thank you and Stay well!