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    Ms Wasielewski  (lwasielewski@eriesd.org)


    MEd. Elementary/Early Childhood Education

    Office hours M-F 10:00-11:00 AM and 2:00-3:00 PM

    Room 110  Google classroom Code  2hwp4m5



    Kindergarten beglongings can be picked up from Connell On Monday June 1 from 8-10 AM or 3-5 PM.  I will be there to pass out items for my Kindegarten class.  If your child would like to see me in person one last time, come for a ride.  I have their workbooks and pom poms from their cubbies.  Look for directions as you enter the driveway.  Please do not get out of your car.  I will bring items to you.  If you are picking things up for a sibling also, please give me a name, classroom number and teacher.

    **If your child has a library book, please return it at this time.

    I hope to see you all Monday June 1st.


    If you have not done so, please email me the following information so we can update Infinite Campus.

    Mother's name, cell phone number, current address and email address

    Father's name, cell phone number, current address and email address

    Guardian's name, cell phone number, current address and email address


    All K students should have their passwords for iReady Math and Amplify Reading. 

    Students should be working on Amplify and Iready each day.



    A Day in Kindergarten for the end of the school year

    Practice reading a calender. Say/sing the days of the week and months of the year.

    Pracitce naming letters as fast as you can.  Do you know all the letter names?

    Practice saying the letter sounds?  Do you know all the letter sounds.

    Put some sounds together to make a word.  How many words can you make?

    Practice reading any of the stories listed on Google Classroom. Can you sound out the words by yourself.?

    Take s break.  Sing a song, do a dance, color a picture.

    Practice writing.  Can you write your name?  Can you write all of the letters?  Can you write some words?

    Have an adult write some words and try to copy them.  Practice, practice, practice!

    Take a break.  Build something with blocks or legos,  do a puzzle, help make lunch or a snack.

    Practice saying your numbers from 1-100.  Count by 10s up to 100.  Count by 5s up to 100   Can you do these?

    Count up to 10 then count backward?  Try counting up to 20, then backward.  

    Practice addi1ng numbers that equal 10.  Remember adding uses the plus sign.

    Practice subtracting numbers from 10.  Remember subtracting uses the minus sign.

    Practice saying a writing the teen numbers, 11-20. Practice adding numbers up to 20.

    Take a break. Read a book, tell a story.  Can you write your own book with words and pictures.  

    Don't forget to log on to amplify and/or iready each day for 15-20 minutes.

    Hope you have a great day!