• Travel Club Fundraising;
    Attention Travel Club students: the Flower Power Spring bulb brochure is now available in Ms. King’s office. This sale will be the final sale for the year. Order forms and money is due back to Ms. King no later than Wednesday, March 18.
    The Rada knives and saving street cards are available in Ms. King’s office.
    Rada Info:
    • Profit is 40% of total sales (not including processing fee)
    • Students are responsible for paying for shipping
    • We can run the knives fundraiser as an ongoing one with order forms and checks made out to RADA Mfg. (minus profit but including shipping) due into Ms. King's office by the 15th of each month.
    • (minimum order of $20)
    Amount of order, shipping fee
    • $20-$74.99, $5
    • $75-$249.99, $12
    • $250-$499.99, $16
    • $500-$999.99 $24
    Saving Street Cards
    • 50% profit
    • Students can keep their profit up front
    • Students are to return any unsold cards and money for cards sold to Ms. King
    • If writing a check make it out to Saving Street
    Saving Street has the added incentive of awarding the highest seller of cards throughout the various clubs selling cards an iPad mini.
    The travel club will be doing the following fundraisers:
    • Coffee (Online), ongoing
    • Savings Street discount cards, just before Thanksgiving
    • Rada Knives, November 21-December 5 (Christmas delivery)
    • Little Caesars Pizza, January 5-16 (for Superbowl Sunday)
    • Flower Power bulbs, spring 2015
    Please note that we are unable to have individual bake sales; all bake sales must be arranged by a Travel Club advisor.
    Listen to King TV for fundraising announcements.