•  FITT Principala formula in which each letter represents a variable for determining the correct amount of physical activity    F= frequency, I= intensity, T= time, T= type

    Frequency- how often an activity is performed each week

                                   o Musclar strength - 2-3 sessions per week
                                   o Muscular endurance - 2-3 sessions per week
    Intensity - how hard an activity is performed each session
                                   o Muscular strength - heavy resistance
                                   o Muscular endurance - light resistance
    Time - how long an activity is performed each session 
                                   o  Muscular strength 4-8 repetitions
                                   o  Muscular endurance 13-20+ repetitions
     Type - which activities are chosen
    Resistance - the force that acts against a muscle (example- the amount of weight lifted)