• States & Capitals

    Use this resource to complete the Lesson Five Activity on my website! If you are unable to print, that's ok! Use a sheet of paper and list the 50 states and their capitals on it! Keep this for your records! You may need it in the future!

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  • My Favorite Recipes

    Here is a file that has three of my favorite recipes to cook! You can use this file to assist you with writing your recipe card for the Lesson Three Activity on my website!

    Since the shut down, I have been a cooking fool at home! One of the assignments this week (3/30) is for you guys and gals at home to prepare a meal and document how you did it! Feel free to use this resource to assist you with completing this task! 

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  • Weekly Bell Ringer Sheet

    Download and print this file in order to complete the bell ringer tasks in the assignment area of this page.

    If you are unable to download or print this file, you may complete the bell ringer sheets on a sheet of lined paper. Be sure to label each task (ex: math manic, funky freewrite, etc) and to follow all directions provided for each activity on the bell ringer sheet. 

    Each bell ringer sheet is worth 25 points (5 points per box, excluding the what did you learn in school task). Sheets are collected on a bi-weekly schedule, or every 5th class period. 

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