• p.e.
    Welcome to my page!
    Name: Dina Biscotti-Barnes
    School Phone: 440-874-6685
    Room #:gymnasium
    Classes:k-5 p.e/wellness
    Online Office Hours-8 am to 10 am M-F (as well as work hours until 3:10 pm by messaging me on Google Classroom or email.)
    Welcome Message:
    Greetings to the students and families of Perry Elementary and Lincoln Elementary! It is a true joy to work with the 1100 students at both schools teaching my passion of health, fitness and wellness to your children.  I have taught at nine schools in the Erie District for seventeen years.  Our health and physical education department has become true leaders in quality physical education programs and curriculum and I am truly proud to be a team member.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.  Look forward to outstanding, healthy, fun days ahead!
    Greetings Lincoln and Perry Families! We are now FULLY up and running on Google Classroom.  Check your student email or go to the online portal on the district webpage for more information.  Email me with any questions or message me on Google Classroom.  Stay healthy and happy!