• March 20, 2020

    Hello Everyone,

    If you are on this page, you need to go to google classroom.  Sign into google with your username and password for the school computers. It will not let you join the class with any email other than your school email. If you need the class code it is 

    FRESHMAN:  gjzgbq3

    JUNIORS and SENIORS: swz3t2w

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  • Update and CNN 10

    Hey everyone,

    I've been vamping up for our online class starting on April 20.  I'm a little worried that not a lot of you have responded.  Please email me at so that we can get communication going.

    You need to join our google classroom:


    make sure you are signed into google using your school email and password.

    From now until the 20th, Lets focus on CNN 10.  Every day watch and email me five things you learned.  This will be enrichment only.

    Stay well

    Mr. Fink

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  • March 31

    Work on IS-100c - Introduction to the Incident Command System

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  • March 30

    Good morning everyone,

    If you remember back when we had actual class I mentioned the FEMA trainings you had to do to graduate with this shop.  

    This week, lets start getting those set up.  You have to pass IS-100, 230, 700 and 800.  

    Above is the instructions on setting up your FEMA SID number that you need for the certifcations.

    Start by taking IS-907 Active Shooter What can I do

    These are serious training and should be treated as such.  The final exam for each training is not easy, and it shouldn't be.  You should probably take notes as you go through the training.

    If you have any questions, let me know.

    Mr. Fink

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  • March 27 - Quizizz Asignments

    Just wanted to say how proud of everyone I am for doing the assignments.  It makes me proud that you guys are learning for the sake of learning.  Keep up the good work.

    For today, lets review all we have learned so far this year in firefighting.  Take each quizizz unitl you have reached at least an 85%

    087718 – FF History

    462815 – Command

    688096 - Science

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