• Meet the Teacher

    Donna Bastian is our 9th-12th grade and night school Welding Instructor.  In this permanent full time position, Donna will work closely with high school students, local businesses and manufactures and  the adult education program to produce qualified and certified AWS welders.  She currently trains and troubleshoots welding problems for local businesses on behalf of the high school.  Money generated through this training comes back into the program to help fund supplies for her students and program.  She is active in the community seeking and receiving donations for her program to reduce costs to taxpayers.  She participates in the pallets to profit projects where her students create projects for profit to help reduce program costs.

    She is an Erie native and graduated from Central High School in 2003.  Donna received her Bachelor’s degree from Edinboro University.  She has worked in both private higher education and public education teaching Welding for two plus years before becoming Central Tech’s welding instructor in 2014.  Prior to teaching, Donna worked in industry with local manufacturers as an AWS Certified Welder.  She is certified in GMAW, GTAW, SMAW and FCAW processes.  Donna has served as the American Welding Society’s (AWS) Vice Chair for District 10 Section 6 since 2012. Donna received awards for AWS District Educator of the Year (private sector) in 2013, and AWS Section Meritorious award in 2014.  She has a Pennsylvania teaching certificate to teach public education.  Donna’s goal is to educate people of all ages in welding and manufacturing.