•   Custom Training for Companies and Individuals

     Your employees may qualify for training funds for these programs.

    On-Line and Individual Training - funding for training programs may be available for individual students through an employer's connection with Erie's Public Schools Adult Education Program.


    America’s ability to build a competitive workforce hinges on educators and business leaders collaborating to prepare citizens for manufacturing careers. The changing nature of skills required for existing jobs, the ongoing emergence of new jobs, and the rapid pace of technological advances all demand new, more responsive program models, curricular strategies, and instructional approaches. Career and Technical education (CTE) must accompany partnership with local business to ensure that the necessary conditions foster and sustain innovations that result in a trained workforce.

    The adult student participating in effective CTE programs graduate with industry certifications or licenses that employers use to make hiring and promotion decisions. These students are positioned to become the areas next machinists, welders, constructions trades and certified Nursing Assistants. And they are empowered to pursue future schooling and training as their educational and career needs evolve through an affordable route that does not place them in debt or prevent them from participating due to financial ability. This post-secondary training offers industry certifications for direct to workforce training and articulation agreements with local universities for an associate degree. This adult education program is an approved program of delivery by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. As a local employer, you are encouraged to visit the program, speak to the students and prescreen candidates for hire. Our goal is to train candidates with the knowledge that they will be placed in a career.


     (1) Alignment. Effective alignment between high-quality CTE programs and labor market needs to equip students with 21st-century skills and prepare them for in-demand occupations in high-growth industry sectors;

    (2) Collaboration. Strong collaborations among Erie’s Public Schools Adult Education Program and local employers, and industry partners to custom train candidates in a variety of CTE programs;

    (3) Accountability. Meaningful accountability for improving soft skill training and building technical and employability skills in CTE programs for all students, based upon common definitions and clear metrics for performance; and

    (4) Innovation. Increased emphasis on innovation supported by systemic reform of state policies and practices to support CTE implementation of effective practices at the local level.

    The Erie’s Public Schools Adult Career and Technical Education is responsible for helping students acquire challenging technical skills, high school diploma, industry credentials and be prepared for high-skill and high-demand occupations in the 21st century global economy in the field of manufacturing, construction and healthcare.


    Characteristics of Rigorous, Relevant, and Results-Driven CTE Programs


    The Administration of adult career education defines clearly the elements of a rigorous, relevant, and results-driven CTE program. Erie’s Public Schools would continue to collaborate with workforce and economic development agencies and local industry to identify the in-demand occupations and high-growth industry sectors on which our CTE programs will focus.

    High-quality CTE programs consistently offer rigorous and career-oriented instruction to produce strong results in their students. The AfterHours@Tech specifies that our CTE programs must offer a streamlined and structured sequence of courses that span the needs in the community and lead to an industry certification or license and enable graduates to gain employment in a high-growth industry upon program completion.

    Erie’s Public Schools and local employers would collaborate to offer students opportunities to participate in work-based learning skills development and to accelerate completion of their studies based on the students’ ability and time. Students’ learning goals can be customized to meet the needs of an individual and/or employer.

    Programs would use technology to increase access to high-quality learning opportunities, particularly for students who are self-paced or have other time restraints. These core program features would set a high bar for the expectations and outcomes of CTE programs. These on-line opportunities will focus on:

    On-line independent learning, combined with practical application on simulators and equipment in the lab environment, based on project-based learning, set to industry standards and documented in a work based portfolio.


    Contact Charleen Beiter at 814-874-6217 for customized training.