• HW

Mrs. McManus is Missing!

  • If I'm out for the day for a personal reason, I will leave you a message in the announcements. 

    If I'm having technology issues, there will be no announcement. Please do the assigned work in the current class period and try again during your next class period to sign into Zoom. 

  • If there is a substitute teacher, you will use the link below to sin into Zoom with them.


    Click Here

  • CKLA

    1. Sign into ReadWorks to complete a reading passage. Use Class Code: 26KX46 and Password: 1234
    2. Read an article from Scholastic News
    3. Sign into BoomWriter and write a journal entry.



    Sign into iReady and work for at least 45 minutes



    Practice math facts at Fact Monster.



    Spend 30 minutes on Amplify.

     **(If you have an intervention group with someone other than Mrs. McManus, be sure to sign on to Zoom!)**


    Science / Social Studies / Second Step (choose one activity to do)

    Explore vidoes and articles at National Geographic.

    Check out Science videos at Wade's World.

    Find cool games, videos, worksheets on many historical events at History for Kids.

    Learn social studies with Ben Franklin at Ben's Guide to the US Government.

    Listen to a pocast about Social Emotional Skills at Imagine Neighborhood.

    Practice mindfullness at Mind Yetti.

    Take a virtual field trip