• Tri-M

    Advisor: Amy Federowicz

    Collegiate Academy's Tri-M Chapter 7252 was established in 2015. Since then, we have conducted numerous service projects both within our school music department and within our community.

    Tri-M's three M's stand for Modern, Music, and Masters. Our chapter actively strives to keep music alive and modern. When we perform musical genres—such as contemporary, jazz, and classical—we keep music vibrant and relevant. Furthermore, we seek to become the best musicians we can possibly be. We promote collaboration between musical departments (e.g. vocal and instrumental) as well as between schools. Together, we hope to make a positive difference in our community.

    All of our chapter's members are involved in one or more musical ensembles or classes at our school and are committed to promoting music. Through our chapter's activities, we hope to foster a greater interest in music, encourage appreciation of various music genres, provide opportunities for musical expression, strive for musical excellence, and bring the joy of music to those in our school and city.

    The members of the string quartet who performed for the Presque Isle Artist's Association event on September 23, 2016, were Michael Heid (Violin I, senior), Jenna Sins (Violin II, sophomore), Olivia Kelly (Viola, sophomore), and Evan Czulewicz (double bass, senior). All of these students are involved in Collegiate's orchestra ensemble.

    The members of the jazz vocal ensemble who performed on September 24th were Devin Mulvihill (Soprano I, senior), Sara Warnshuis (Soprano II, senior), Audrey Ward (Soprano II, junior), Ruby Harvey (Alto, senior), Michael Heid (Tenor, senior), and Paul Caram (Bass, junior). All of these students are involved with Collegiate's Vocal Jazz ensemble and have participated in Collegiate's Chamber Singers choir.

    The violinist who performed on September 25th was Michael Heid, who also performed in the other two ensembles for the gallery showcase.