• Ms. Rose

    green puzzle piece

    Harding Elementary- K & 1 Autistic Support

    Room 102 A

     Contact me at: jrose@eriesd.org

    Harding Office: (814) 874-6550

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    "Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience."  ~Emerson



    Support Your Child at Home:

    Read to your child everyday! 

    Practice sight words. Read them, spell them write them and look for them in books.

    Talk about the calendar (today is..... tomorrow will be...yesterday was.....the date is.....)

    Draw pictures and discuss or write about what you drew

    Practice writing and spelling your name!

    Practice writing all letters and numbers.

    Practice tying shoes.

    Talk! Ask questions and have your child ask you questions!

    Play! Go outside and adventure! Explore nature! Run! Laugh!

    Play board games. Practice taking turns and following directions.