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  • Hi Everyone. I hope this message finds you feeling well and ready to learn. This is a totally new arena for most of us. I hope you find it easy to use. 


    Email is the best way for us to communicate. You can ask and answer questions, submit work and get feedback from me. My email is

    I will be giving you links to articles, web pages and videos. You will be given question sets, essays to write and other assignments. Turn them in by email as you complete them. If you would rather complete them using paper and pencil (maybe you have to share computer time with siblings, or have data restrictions, etc.) you may do that and just put all your stuff in a folder. You may turn in the collection at a later date.

    Remember, the key to success is communication! Let me know what is up. I am hoping this will be over with quickly and you will all be back to me soon. Chin up, keep a happy thought and let's learn some SCIENCE!

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