• By now you have probably heard that the school has been closed indefinitely! We won't be re-opening for the rest of this school year (2019-2020). Additionally, I am certain you have heard that the Keystone Exams scheduled for this May have also been canceled. This doesn't mean you aren't expected to know you Algebra 1, you are still required to pass in order to move on next school year!

    I hope you are all doing well, getting the necessary sleep, nutrition, and exercise to help staying healthy during this time!


    I have provided the link to ALEKS, which you all are able to continue to progress through. I will be checking in daily as you are able to message me in ALEKS for assistance as well through my school email rlawrence@eriesd.org if you have any questions/comments. Link is on the Core Math tab. If you didn't take a photo or have your log-in information, email me so I may get that to you! Remember, your password is the same that you would need in order to log into your laptop at school!

    Beginning April 20th, you will be utilizing Google classroom for your classes. Click on the link to get you to the Google classroom page. Then, type in the code to enter the class.
    Here is the link to my classroom:Google Classroom 
    You will need to join class using: fv334zm

    Additionally, you can look at some of the practice on Khan Academy to help solidify those skills needed for Algebra 1 and beyond!