• Kinematics in One Dimension

    Learning Targets:

    1. Differentiate between scalars and vectors
    2. Differentiate between distance and displacement
    3. Calculate displacement and distance in one and two dimensions
    4. Differentiate between speed and velocity
    5. Calculate the average speed and velocity of an object
    6. Differentiate between average velocity and instantaneous velocity
    7. Determine instantaneous and average velocities from a position vs. time graph
    8. Calculate the average acceleration of an object
    9. Differentiate between average acceleration and instantaneous acceleration
    10. Determine instantaneous and average accelerations from a velocity vs. time graph
    11. Describe an objects motion using a motion diagram
    12. Determine the quantitative characteristics of an object moving with a constant acceleration using the kinematic equations
    13. Determine an object’s displacement and acceleration using a velocity vs. time graph
    14. Apply the kinematic equations for objects falling with a constant acceleration near the Earth’s surface
    15. Solve kinematic equations for two distinct phases of acceleration


    1. Describing Motion
    2. Motion Graphs


    1. Distance and Speed Practice Worksheet
    2. Motion Graph Worksheet
    3. Acceleration Worksheet
    4. Kinematic Equations Practice
    5. Kinetmatic Equations Practice 2


    1. Hot Wheel Motion Inquiry Lab
    2. Graphing Matching Lab
    3. Reaction Time Lab
    4. Determing g on an Incline Lab