• Circular Motion and Gravitation

    Learning Targets:

    1. Define radial motion, angular position; and angular displacement
    2. Define instantaneous and average angular speed
    3. Define instantaneous and average angular acceleration
    4. Use angular variables to solve problems
    5. Identify the correspondence between linear and angular kinematic equations
    6. Use angular kinematic equations to solve motion problems
    7. Covert angular units to linear units 8. Define centripetal acceleration
    8. Calculate centripetal, tangential, and total acceleration of objects in circular motion
    9. Use Newton’s second law of motion to objects in uniform circular motion
    10. Identify forces that cause objects to experience centripetal acceleration
    11. Determine the forces acting on objects due to the law of gravitation
    12. Determine the motion of objects that are interacting due to the law of gravitation and the concept of gravitational potential energy
    13. Use the concepts of conservation of mechanical energy to determine escape speeds of small objects from large objects


    1. Circular Motion
    2. Angular Kinematics
    3. Gravitation


    1. Circular Motion Worksheet
    2. Angular Kinematic Equation Practice
    3. Gravitation Poster


    1. Circular Motion Lab