• Forces

    Learning Targets:

    1. Define force.
    2. Identify and differentiate between different forces acting in different scenarios.
    3. Differentiate between sliding, static, rolling, and fluid friction.
    4. Distinguish between field and contact forces.
    5. Describe Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation as the force of attraction between all objects in the universe
    6. Explain how a change in the mass or distance of two objects will impact the gravitational attraction between them
    7. Explain Newton's Laws of Motion.
    8. Describe how scientific thinking about motion changed from Aristotle to Newton.
    9. Differentiate between weight and mass.
    10. Describe the major types of forces found in nature.
    11. Define momentum.
    12. Explain what occurs between two objects during a collision in terms of force and momentum.


    1. Newton's Laws
    2. Free Body Diagrams


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    2. Free Body Diagram Practice Worksheet


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    2. Friction Lab


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