• 7th Grade Art: Creating Depth on a 2-Dimensional Surface

    Students will explore the Elements and Principles of Design while learning to use value to create depth. Students will learn specific techniques; shading with a drawing pencil, create tints and shades using colored pencils, and use perspective drawing to create depth in an image. In addition, students will learn to create a proportional drawing, compare and contrast organic and geometric shapes, and use a ruler to accurately measure and construct lines. Art history, art appreciation, art criticism, problem solving, and critical thinking are integrated into lessons.


    Students are scheduled to be in art class for a quarter on an A/B block schedule.  This means the students will have art class every other day and 80 minutes each class.  Students will have art class about 22 times.  



    Portfolio: Students will create a portfolio to store their work.  This will require students to demonstrate measuring skills, creativity, and the ability to follow directions

    Shaded Layers:  Students will learn shading techniques, and then apply them to create an illusion of layers of holes.

    Proportional Drawing:  Students will learn to enlarge an image proportionally.  Students will then apply the skill to a final project to enlarge an image of their choice.  Once completed, students will apply shading techniques to create depth within the image.

    Perspective Drawing:  Students will learn one and two point perspective drawing procedures.  Students will then chose one to create a final image.  Students will then apply shading techniques learned in the first project.

    Figure Drawing:  Students will create many sketches of a manikin to practice proportions of the human figure.  Students will then create a final image of a manikin in a position of their choice.  Students will then apply shading techniques to give the figure the illusion of depth.


    ** Please check back, examples coming soon **