• Art in general can strike different emotions depending on the audience.  An artist may love the work they create while at the same time it doesn't appeal to the audience.


    The final art grade will be compiled of 3 separate categories as follows:

    Bell Ringer:  10% of final grade

    • Students will have a bell ringer to complete every day.  This will consist of a vocabulary word the student will have to define in their portfolio.  A short discussion about the word will take place immediately after students are completed.  

    • The student will need to complete the task to receive full credit.

    Participation & In Class Assignments 45%  of final grade

    • Students will receive 10 points a day for being on task.  Any off task activity or behavior will result in a loss of points.

    • Short assignments to practice techniques, expected to be complete the same day it was issued to the students.  Assignments range from 30 to 50 points depending on what is expected to be complete.

    Projects:  45%  of final grade

    • Each project will be worth 100 points

    • Projects will be graded with a rubric with an emphasis on following directions and execution of the techniques previously learned and practiced prior to starting the project.  All projects will be graded with the student to ensure they are fully aware of why and how they earned the grade.

    • Students will complete 4-6 projects throughout the quarter.

    • Last day to submit projects is the last day of the quarter.

    • Incomplete projects will receive a zero.