• "Hello!" in multiple languages

    Hello!  This is Ms. Stull's page. 

    I teach English as a 2nd Language (ESL) to Mrs. Madura's & Mr. Stellwagen's 4th grade English language learners and to Miss Carr's 2nd grade ELLs. 


    To find me in a Google classroom...

    Mrs. Madura's class code is n42gnc7 (this would be for Mr. Stellwagen's homeroom, too)

    Miss Carr's class code is yylyhum (these are all letters)


    You can contact me at astull@eriesd.org 


    I hope you are staying at home and making sure to sing "Happy Birthday" twice while washing your hands with plenty of soap and water!

    washing hands while singing "Happy Birthday"


    You can contact me at astull@eriesd.org


    "Make your own music, sing your own song, and soon the whole world will be singing along!" -Himself the Elf