• Zoom

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    Who is having problems getting onto zoom?

    Have you even tried to get onto zoom when the meetings have been scheduled?

    Have you emailed me or any of your other teachers?

    When I did the survey on 3-10 all but 1 student in all my classes stated they had access to internet and had devices to use, so why have you not responded to any of my emails or discussion questions? I have sent out numerous emails to maany of you. 

    email me pwilson@eriesd.org I check my email all throughout the day and as few of you have seen even on the weekends.

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  • Peer Questions to 1st assignment

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    1. Why don’t mosquitoes get affected by the disease they carry?

    2. Why do ECG/EKG have to be so invasive?


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  • All Medical Assistant

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    Please email me letting me know how you are doing and how things are going.

    Your daily assignment will be to watch the video attached and then you are encouraged to comment on the discussion board:

    1. Something you learned

    2. Something you still have questions on

    3. Something you can teach someone at home after watching this








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