• Hello all!! 

    Please log into google classroom and use the code byspcw7 

    YOU MUST change your google account to your school email!!!!! This means go to account and to add new account and put in your erie school district email and password 

    You need to be in by April 20th at 8:00AM 

    IF you have missing work, tests or quizzes you have the weeks of April 6th and 13th to do make ups.  As soon as I know  how makeup tests and quizzes will work I will be in touch with those of you who qualify.  



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  • Work on the Study guide for Unit 6 

    I sent it out in a remind and you can also view it here

    I will put up answers to study guide later this week.  Please keep checking remind and this website for further instructions as we go forward.  I will be putting the lab notebook grades in tonite as we now have the go ahead to do so.  If you did not hand in your lab notebook, please contact me to see if there is something we can do.

    As always- any questions, send me a remind!

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  • Page 227

    Page228 odd

    Page 228 odd

    Page 228 #11

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  • You can email me anytime, my email is on my phone so I will see it right away.  Depending on what I am up to, it may take me some time to get back to you, it may not.  I will definietely respond within one business day.  

    Check my reminds on the homepage of my website.  If you are not on remind (you should be- I asked everyone in class) get on now.  Parents are welcome to join as well and the codes are on the homepage.  Remind alerts me during the hours of 7 am to 7 pm but I check it regularly outside of those hours.  (especially until about 11 pm because that seems to be when you all work)  

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  • Homework answers

    Page 222

    Page 223 odd

    Page 223 #10

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  • During the week of March 23rd I am posting powerpoints and a video of how to do molecular formulas.  No homework will be due, but all of the powerpoints will be posted from this unit, along with the study guide so you can work on them. Stay safe, stay happy and send me a remind with questions.

    Molecular formula ppt

    Do notes on pages 225 and 226 

    Try pages 227 and 228 odd - send me questions!!! I will put up my answers later this week (these should take you about 30 minutes) 

    See link at bottom for help.

    Molar mass

    Percent composition

    Emperical formula ppt

    We already did these ones-  just here in case you need them

    Study guide

    Work on this- if you can do these you are ready for the unit test.  (this should take you about an hour) 

    To those of you who have been absent or are struggling with specific concepts- now is your time!  Go back through the powerpoints, go back through the homework- send me questions.   Those of you who were absent - go to infinite campus and find what you are missing- some of them can still be turned in!!! I cannot grade them right now, but its still good to get them in!

    Khan academy molecular formula




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  • This is the study guide for the test.  We will go over the study guide when we get back, send me questions on remind Study guide unit 6

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  • Unit 6 notes you should already have

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  • Molecular formula ppt


    This powerpoint starts on page 225 of your note packet.  I will send a video of me teaching this out on remind sometime today.  Homework is page 227 and 228 Levle one odd.  I will put the answers to the homework up  on Wednesday.  

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  • I am uploading the emperical formula powerpoint from this past week.  If you were absent, you need to take the notes from the powerpoint starting on page 219.  

    Homework was page 222 all and 223 Level 1 odd.  When finished these need to be emailed to me at mstubenbort@eriesd.org Please add your block and page 222/223 to the subject line

    If you were there, all you need to do is email me a picture of your homework.  See home page for details.  Powerpoint Emperical formula


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  • We are working on assignments. When you finish pages 222 and 223, take pictures and send them to me via email mstubenbort@eriesd.org 


    subject line 222/223  your block

       I will post my answers later this week  (so you can check yours and tell me where my mistakes are...)


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