• Integumentary System:

    Here is a very interesting video (although a little lengthy) about an extremely rare skin disorder called epidermolysis bullosa.  I would like you to watch it and write a 3 paragraph summary of the video, with each paragraph having 4-5 complete sentences.  Look for what the disease is, what the boy has to go through each day, what his daily life is like, life expectancy, what he has done to raise awareness.  Of those 3 pararaphs, I would like one of them to be about your own thoughts on this disease/disorder.

     ** Some of the video shows the boys skin and what he has to do to survive this, it could make you a little nauseas; just be aware.  The video also has a brief warning at the beginning.**

    Link for the video can be found here:

    Butterfly Child




    I would like you to complete your edible knee model.  However, you don't have to use food items if you don't want to.  Find things around your house that could be bones, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.  Take a picture of it and send it to my email address; which can be found at the bottom of my home page, or there is a link on left hand side that says "teacher contact information."  I will place a link with the rubric, explanation below. 

    If you use your phone to email it, you have to select the picture, then find the "mail" icon on your phone, then enter my email address.  



    For book work from the book you all took home:


    Chapter 11: Introduction to Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Modalities

    Write down the key terms and their definitions on page 204.


    Answer critical thinking exercises (Light blue boxes) on pages 205 and 210 (11.1 and 11.2) use complete sentences to answer the questions.

    Chapter review questions 1-10 on page 214.  Write the question and your answer in complete sentences.


    Using a computer, ipad, laptop etc, research different rehabilitation exercises for ankle sprains, MCL and ACL sprains, Rotator cuff strains, and hamstring strains.


    Also, you can work on smartfutures if you do not have 9 activities completed.  There are instructions at the top of my homepage or on the web resources link on the left hand side of my page if you do not remember how to log in or what the website is.