• Art class is intended to be enjoyable for everyone regardless of their artistic ability.  In order for this to happen, all students are expected to meet or exceed the expectations below.

    With a limited time in art class, students are expected to be prepared and on task at all times. 

    • Be prepared with 2 pencils
    • Enter quietly and stay on task
    • Stay seated
    • Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Respect everyone and yourself
    • NO Gum, Food or Drinks or Cell Phones are permitted in class
    • HAVE FUN

    Upon entering the classroom students are expected to retrieve their portfolio and complete the bell ringer.  The volume level of the students is expected to be at a zero, this means students are silent.  Five minutes after class has begun, a brief discussion about the bell ringer will take place.

    While in art class, students will experience three types of settings as follows:

    • Instructional time:  This is where the teacher is talking or demonstrating techniques, directions, and procedures for the project.  The volume level of students is expected to be at a zero, this means students are silent.  Important information will be given to the students about the techniques learned and projects.  For students to be fully aware of procedures and safety precautions, students volume level needs to be at a zero to ensure everyone can hear the information.  Students will also have the opportunity to ask clarification questions to ensure they fully understand what is expected.
    • Work time:  Students will use this time to complete assignments and projects.  The volume level of the students is not to exceed level 2, this is table talk where students may have conversations with peers at their table.  Students will also need to be aware of their surrounding to ensure the safety of others and themselves.
    • Clean Up:  Students are responsible for cleaning up and properly putting away all art materials and projects as well as turning in all completed work to the "To Be Graded" box. This provides a sense of ownership of the classroom as well as gives students opportunity to learn about responsibility as well as provide a clean and organized classroom for their fellow students.

    For the safety of the students, everyone is expected to stay seated unless they have permission.  This will prevent accidents and inconveniences.  It would not be practical if the entire class went to wash their hands or sharpen their pencil at the same time.

    Restroom Expectations: Students may use the restroom with the following restrictions:

    • 10/10 Rule: Students may not use the restroom the first and last 10 minutes of class.
    • Students may not use the restroom during instructional time.
    • Students are expected to return within 5 minutes of leaving.
    • Privileges may be revoked if chronically using the restroom for more than 5 minutes or caught roaming the halls while out with the pass.

    Students are expected to treat supplies and tools with respect.  Students that disregard this will be assigned an alternate assignment.  Disrespecting tools and supplies would be but not limites to, bending rulers, using the ruler as a weapon, throwing supplies, intentionally breaking supplies, etc...

    Students are expected to clean up after themselves. Students will be instructed 5 minutes before the end of class to clean up with specific expectations of what the room should look like when it is cleaned up.  

    Students are expected to only say kind and positive words to others.  Negative, intentionally hurtful, and derogatory statements will not be tolerated.  The art room is a safe place for students to express their creativity without judgment.  Students that continuously demonstrate this behavior will be dealt with according to the Erie Public School's handbook with hopes to resolve these issues. 

    *Severe discipline issues such as fighting will be automatically referred to the office. 

    Hall Passes + Dismissal

    Students must have permission to leave the classroom. Students must have a pass signed by a teacher if they are late to class. Three tardies = detention 

    Students are expected to stay in their seat until dismissed by the teacher.