• Grading

    Students' final art grade is a combination of Participation + In Class Assignments. Participation, attitude, effort and a positive attitude and cooperation are essential to being successful in this class and achieving a passing grade. Daily participation points are assigned.

    Participation 5 points daily  | 50%  of final grade

    Students will receive 5 points a day for being on task, behavior and using class time effectively, completion of assignments, proper and safe use of materials and clean up and cooperation. Any off task activity or behavior will result in a loss of points. Disrupting the learning and teaching environment, refusing to complete assignments, unsafe use of art materials or unsafe behavior, will result in a loss of points.                                                      

    • Effort/behavior
    • Effective use of class time
    • Completion of daily assignment
    • Proper and safe use of materials
    • Clean up and cooperation

    Short assignments to practice techniques, expected to be complete the same day it was issued to the students.  

    Projects | 50%  of final grade

    Most projects will be worth 100 points, with some smaller projects worth 50 points

    7th + 8th Grade will complete a FINAL Paper Mache Project worth 3 separate grades of 100 points each.

    Students are graded on completion of assignments, craftsmanship, participation, and clean up. An Art Rubric is posted in the classroom as well as individual Critieria for each project.

    Special Help is after school Friday 3:00 – 3:30 PM

    Projects - deadlines and criteria will be posted in the classroom

    Last day to submit projects is the last day of the quarter.

    Incomplete projects will receive a zero.