• Hello all, I have created a Khan Academy class for you to watch videos and do assignments if you are interested in learning while we are off from school. This work is not mandatory but if you have already completed all of the work you may be missing, this is something you can work on for enrichment.  I am new to this and you should have gotten an email from me at your eriesd email (your lunch number @eriesd.org, but email me once you join the class and I can assign you lessons. There is no due date so do not stress! Relax and stay home to prevent any more spreading of the virus. The link is below, copy and paste it in a separate browser:



    Like I said, I have never done this before so I may not be able to get it fired up right away. Bear with me and send me an email with any questions. Remember that email is 


    Once you click on the link, it will have you create an account. Use an email (preferably your school email) to do this. Please put the name I would find on Infinite Campus in for your name! When you first log in, you won't have any assignments. If you would like them immediately, email me and I can get some set up for you. But once they are set up, you will click the "Assignments" tab and start them (If you are on a computer, it will be on the left side of the page towards the top. If you are on a phone it should be the first tab you see on the top)


    Reminder to use the Unit 4 Assignments tab first to do any work you may be missing from Quarter 3. You can either copy answers from those worksheets on to paper (with questions properly numbered) or type them out and email me them. You may already copies of those sheets to as I have passed them out this quarter.

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