Who's Doing Their Very Best?

  • September 2020 :) 

    Thank You to

     EVERYONE who worked really hard to get everything ready for this year!! We Got This :) 


    Feel free send me pictures of your child working from home if you want them shared on our class page.

    Your child can even write a note and I will post it for the class to read.

    If your child wants any of the work they are doing shared, please take a picture of it and send it to me. I will get it posted and give them a SHOUT OUT!


  •      a   Ricky working on his math at home :) 


    a    Demtri and his family having Gym time at the beach :) 

  • a Earning Compasses from HOME!!

    Compass Count ___:)

    during this school closure to add to our bin.

    For every student who adds time each day logging in on their apps I will add a compass to our count!

    If you log onto the learning apps and add time over the weekend I will add 2 compasses per student!

    If your adult sends a picture of you learning I will add a compass!

    If your adult sends a picture of a note you have written to share with the class I will add a compass!