• I forgot my user name and password. What do I do? 

      Posted by: Mr. Boesch

      No worries! Just email me at rboesch@eriesd.org and I will get back to you with instructions on how to log in.  

      In the mean time, you can journal, read the scholastic articles, and work on a science project practicing the scietific method with a parent or guardian's permission. 

    • What do I do when I finish my Gizmos?

      Posted by: Mr. Boesch

      1. There are scholastic articles to read. Three for each day of the week. 

      2. Use your science notebook to journal. Several topics were listed for you. Examples of science journaling are provided in the link.

      3. With your parent's permission: Select and complete a science fair project following the steps of the scientific method 


      4. With your parent's permission: complete your cell project


      How do I log into Gizmos?

      Posted by: Mr. Boesch

      1. www.explorelearning.com 

      2. click on little icon to log in

      3. carefully type in user name and password