• McKinley Attendance Reminders

    What is Truancy?

    Truancy- Any unexcused absence full days AND/OR minutes.                                                                

    Types of Truancy:

    1. Illegal absence from school (full day or part of the school day)
    2. Tardiness (After school starts, during the day or picking your student up early)

    Citation = Filed by the school with the local Magisterial District Judge.  This is done after the 6th unexcused absence from school.

    Tardy Minutes = Every 300 minutes of tardy minutes equates to 1 illegal day of school

    Unexcused Days = Days missed from school without a legal excuse

    Excused Days = Days missed from school with a legal excuse

    Excuse Notes = Parents/Guardians may write up to 10 days of excuses. After 10 parent excuses, all others would need to be from a doctor or other professional.

    Timeline = Excuses must be turned in within 10 school days from the absence.

    Helpful Tips J

    1. If you send an excuse note in your student’s book bag, call or check in with the office to make sure they received it.
    2. An excuse from a doctor’s office or other professional can be faxed to the school.


    Always communicate with the school if you are facing challenging circumstances.  We are here to help you, and your student succeed!


    Every Day Counts!