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    March 13 to April 19, 2020, 

    1. Assignment- Tone/mood - The Pit and the Pendulum, by Poe

    Start date- 3-9

    Due date- 3-13

    Duration of assignment- approximately 2 hours

    Directions- Complete the graphic organizer for tone/mood by locating evidence in the text which supports the tone /mood. Assign a tone or mood word for the evidence. In the far right column, describe in your own words, how the evidence supports the tone/mood word you identified. See hand outs for this lesson in the LA10 document folder. Read about tone and mood on the Tone/Mood Info sheet.  

    -Tone /Mood info sheet

    -tone/mood graphic organizer

    -text of The Pit and the Pendulum

    -tone words


    2. Assignment - Tone/Mood--The Man in the Water, by Roger Rosenblatt

    Start date- 3-12

    Due Date- 3-12

    Duration- Approximately 1.5 hours

    Directions- Follow the same directions as Pit and the Pendulum assignment.  All hand outs are listed in #1 above and are located in the LA10 document folder.


    3-20-20:  Independent Reading -- Please choose a novel at grade level that has not been made into a movie.  Many novels can be found on the internet in full text form. You may even have a novel at your house you have been meaning to read!   First come, first serve--please email your choice along with the title and complete author name.  In 3 sentences, tell me why this novel interests you. Your email to me with your choice is due by Thursday, 3-26.  I will email you if your novel is approved or not.  Every few days, I will post the journal for Independent Reading.  You can locate the journal in the LA10 Document folder.  Please submit the journal to Turnitin.Com.

    3-30-20:  Please complete Journal #1 for Independent Readng.  Be sure to follow all directions on the journal template.  The journal can be found in the LA10 Document Folder located in the far left column.  Thanks to all of you who are emailing me!  Stay well!

    4-2-20:  Please complete Journal #2 for Independent Reading.  Be sure to follow all directions on the journal template.  The journal can be found in the LA10 Document  folder located in the far left column. Please submit it to Turnitin.com!  I hope you guys are doing well!  I miss you all<3


    4-20-20, the beginning of 4th Quarter--


    4-20 to 4-24:  Assignment- [Career paper] Turn your "Revised Outline with Evidence and Works Cited Page" into a Rough Draft.  See the LA10 Document

                           Folder for a hand-out on the success criteria for this assignment---"How to Move from an Outline to a Rough Draft."  Your Rough Draft

                          checkpoint #1 --is the 1st 2 pages of your Rough Draft--- Due to Turnitin.Com by Friday, 4-24.

                           For this assignment you will need:

                    A. The hand-out, "How to Move from an Outline to a Rough Draft"  --located in the LA10 Document Folder in the far left column

                    B. Resource available--- "How to Introduce/ Explain Quotes/paraphrases"--- located in the LA10 Document Folder

                    C. Follow all guidelines for MLA formatting of documents


    4-27 - 5-1:  

    Assignment #1- 

    1. Corrections assignment-  Go to Turnitin.Com and read the comments/corrections I wrote on your "Rough Draft Checkpoint #1 document." 

                                                     Go to the LA10 Document Folder and read the "Turnitin.Com Corrections Document"  Complete the document and 

                                                     submit it to the assignment on Turnitin.Com.

                                                     Due:  Wednesday, April 29

    2. Rough Draft -complete submission-  Read the directions for the Rough Draft assignment above under 4-20 to 4-24 entry.  Read and follow

                                                     the assignment resources under A, B, and C.

                                                     Due:  Friday, May 1

                 Please email me with any questions or concerns.  I hope you guys are doing okay. :)


    May 4 - 8:

    Assignment #1-  "Final Draft with Works Cited page" -  Your career paper is getting better all the time! Continue to improve your paper from the Rough

                                   Draft step and make the corrections from feedback on your Rough Draft on Turnitin.Com.  Continue to improve sentence structure and

                                   your organization of ideas in your text.  Be sure to use "spellcheck" and also spend time reading your writing for clarity.  Submit your

                                   "Final Draft with Works Cited page" to the assignment of the same title on Turnitin.Com. 

                                   Due: Friday, May 8th, to Turnitin.Com

    Please let me know if you have any questions!  I hope you are all doing well:)