• Getting set up!

    Good Morning!

    We are going to do two things for webpage during our little break. First, I will be typing all the notes I was going to teach you all and sending that to you with all the cases that I would have assigned you in class. Some students might not be able to make progress on the cases so what I'm also doing is setting up an online class that you guys can use to enhance your knowledge on webpage.

    So what I need you guys to do is go to codehs.com and create a free account, use the class code C6F79 to join my class. None of this will be graded, but you should use this for enrichment. I will be monitoring your progress on codehs. All I need you to attempt to complete chapter 2 and chapter 3 on codehs. That will cover what we are up to now in our class.

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  • Chapter 2-1-2-10

    Please complete chapter 2 on codehs. This should be review with some new information.


    I will be checking your progress on the lessons.

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