Mr. Jeffery Barber



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Art in Psychology and Political Science from the Pennsylvania State University. Master in Education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Certified to teach 7-12 English and Social Studies in the state of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Jeffery Barber

What has Mr. Barber been doing?

Monday, March 23rd: Well, folks! It's been awhile since you've seen me! I know most you miss me terribly! Therefore, I figured I'd start a page to show you what's been going on in my life!

The first week of "social distancing" was rough! Since we didn't know if we could enter grades or grade any tasks, I spent a majority of my days just sitting home! I managed to clean my room and clear out a ton of clothes that I don't wear anymore, and I even organized my kitchen cabinets!

On 3/17, out of severe boredom, I decided to adopt a Pitbull puppy! He's half red nose and half blue nose! Everyone, meet Keno Gryffin! (Keno Gryffin Pics)

Other than that, I've just been lounging around the house and trying to pass the time! Mr. Orlando did give us permission Today  to start grading things collected prior to the shut down! Those of you who turned in assignments like bell ringers, descriptive paragraphs, or worksheets prior to 3-13 should expect to see some changes to your grades later this week!

i hope you all are managing to stay safe out there! Remember, wash you hands and take some showers! The cleanser you are, the less like the corona will get you!

i miss you all terribly! See ya when I see ya!

Sincerely,Mr. Barber


Monday, March 30th: Well folks, unfortunately, not much has changed since I wrote y'all last week! I've decided that Keno is a terrorist, and I am debating on changing his name to Lucifer. What do you all think? Based on the pictures does he look like a Keno or a Lucifer? He's getting pretty big and boy oh boy is he a little trouble maker!

Other than playing with my puppy, I haven't been doing much. Today I plan on cleaning my house a little bit! Last week, I manage to go to my other job and scrub the entire bar room down and made it all nice and clean. Now this week I'd like to do t the same with my kitchen and bathroom at home! I also need to go grocery shopping so I can continue cooking some of my favorite recipes at home. Now that I typed a few of them for you and shared them in the classroom resource section, I'd really like to make that international stir-fry recipe for dinner! 

I hope you are all staying out of trouble and staying home! Remember, you don't want to catch this and share it with your elders or younger siblings! I hope to see some of y'all soon! Stay safe out there and feel free to email me if you wish!


Mr. Barber