School Closing Updates


    As we continue to monitor COVID-19, we have made the decision to continue 100 percent remote instruction at least through Friday, Jan. 29. This decision was made in consultation with the Erie County Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), and is in keeping with the guidance of those agencies. 

    PDE recommends that all schools in counties with substantial community transmission of COVID-19 participate in 100 percent remote learning. As of the most recent data available, every county in Pennsylvania, including Erie County, has a substantial level of community transmission. PDE, ECDOH and the Pennsylvania Department of Health all further recommend that schools continue remote learning for two full weeks following an improvement from “substantial” community spread to a “moderate” level of community spread. We will continue to follow that recommendation and rely on the guidance of health and safety experts at the state and local level.

    We will provide additional information about operations and instruction moving forward during the week of Monday, Jan. 24. Please visit our district website for links to COVID-19 tracking tools to monitor current conditions.  

    I’d also like to provide a brief update on the ventilation work that has been occurring throughout the district. About 85 percent of the work has been successfully completed, with the remaining work expected to be finished by the end of this month.  Thanks to those improvements and the detailed protocols outlined in our Health and Safety Plan, we feel confident that our buildings will be ready to safely house our elementary students as soon as case counts and transmission levels appropriately decline. We are constantly evaluating the situation with regard to our middle and high school students and remain committed to resuming in-person instruction for those students as soon as conditions allow.

    Please reach out if you have any questions regarding to remote instruction or the ventilation work. In the meantime, my plea is the same as always: Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Stay home when you can and always when you’re sick. Let’s work together to stay safe.

    Thank you,




    Brian J. Polito, CPA


    Erie’s Public Schools

    148 West 21st Street

    Erie, PA 16502