• In addition to the weekly packets provided by the district that can be picked up on food bag day or found on the ditrict page I am asking that stduents do the following assignments:

    Math Assigments:

    Please practice your math fluencey each day by working towards your Xtra Math Goal. (https://xtramath.org/#/home/index)

    Students should also complete the following IReady asignments. Those student who complete all of this weeks assignemnts will find a special suprise on IReady accounts next monday.)

    Monday: Practice Addition Using Number Lines

    Tuesday:Practice Subtraction Using Number Lines Part 1

    Wednesday: Practice Subtraction Using Number Lines Part 2

    Thursday:Solve Problems Involving Length

    Friday: Line Plot and Measuring Length


    *If students complete these math assignments and are looking for somthing else to do in math they may work on their IReay path, or play math games on the extra resources provided.


    For CKLA please read quietly for 20 minutes and journal on your thoughts on what you read.

    Also please access Amplify daily and work towards your goal. (https:reading.amplify.com)

    There are also some really fun reading/grammar/and writing games that we love to do in class in the extra resources provided.


    PARENTS: I will be updating the assignments as I hear where the district is wanting us to go with your child's online learning progress.