• Google Classrooms are up & running! All students should have received an email invite for their corresponding class. If not, the class codes are listed on the tab marked "Google Classrooms." Please be sure you're using your school login and not your personal Google Account. If you have any questions, let me know.l


  • 3rd QUARTER GRADESAny student with a "Missing" Grade for the 3rd quarter, has until April 20th, 2020 to turn in work for a grade. Any of the articles in the "Enrichment Activites" tab may be completed & turned in to make-up a missing class. Please be sure to read the article and answer the questions in complete sentences. You may type on the answer sheet or submit a word document with your work on it. Points will be deducted for sentence structure, spelling, and grammar. Submit all make-up work to me electronically through e-mail at bpage@eriesd.org

    After April 20th, any missing assignments will remain a "0" in the grade book and be calculated into the 3rd quarter grade. *Please note...even if you were marked as having an "excused absence" that class must be made up. And in compliance with School Board Policy, an "unexcused absence" results in a "0" for that day's work and cannot be made up. Again, e-mail me with any questions at bpage@eriesd.org


  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM UPDATE!!!Be sure to check your student email for invites for your Google Classroom. If you have a personal Google Account, you'll have to log out of that first & sign in with your school account (your lunch # @eriesd.org) For example 111111@eriesd.org. I'll also create a Google Classroom tab & post the codes for each individual class. If you have questions email me 

    CLASS CODES1A - gckv3eg                                           1B - r2qi46m2A - afw5svz                                            2B - orjej2l4A - q6kxxr2                                            3B - uujmnr3

  • I just wanted to take a minute to say "Hi" to all of my students. I know this has been an extremely bizarre situation to deal with, but we're doing what we can. Hopefully you are taking advantage of this time to stay active. The weather has been pretty cooperative so getting outside is always a great option. Whether it's walking around your neighborhood or going to a local park, it's good to get out of the house. There are other ways to stay active even if you can't get out. I'll be posting some items under the "Online Resources" tab to help you with this. Feel free to keep an activity log for you to reflect upon. I've also posted some items under the "Enrichment Activities" tab for you to review.

    I also started a class using the "Remind" app. Feel free to download this to your smart device to stay connected with me during the school closure. I'd love to have you all send me pictures or even Tik Toks of how you are staying active. Or just message me and say "Hi." Either way, I'd like to hear from each and every one of you to see how you're doing. To connect with me on Remind, first download the app and then click the following link to my classroom entitled, "Mr. Page's Wellness Classes" https://www.remind.com/join/3cgf69 . I'm also spending my time exploring other online resources, i.e. Google Classroom to see how to enhance your online learing experience. Stay tuned. You can also email me any questions or comments at bpage@eriesd.org

    Hope to see you all soon. Stay safe & be active.