• Dear Parents and Guardians and my Students,
    First to my students, I would like to say that I am so proud of my students who have worked so hard during these unexpected times. Many of you worked above and beyond any of my expectations. Your strenth and courage to continue your education is amazing!
    While I would never have expected the school year to end like this, I am glad to say that I have been your teacher.
    I hope you have a fun and healthy summer.
    Good luck in all that you do.
    Second Parents and Guardians.  Thank you for supporting your children in their education when I could not help as I would like.  We worked together to help the children achieve their academic goles even during these challenging times.  Your job as a parent was a very difficult task during this time.  You are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    I would like to congradulate you all to a great end of the school year.  Please stay well and healthy. Continue to grow, learn, and read in you spare time.
    Best Regards,
    Mrs. C. Rozenek