• Hi Everyone!

    We hope you are staying safe and healthy while at home.

    Below you will see some assignments for the week for students who were in intervention with any of the support staff: 

    Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. O'Leary, Ms. Janoske, Ms. Myers, or Mr. Z.

    Please reach out to any of us with questions or to say HI! We miss you!


    Rhyming: Click Here!

    Letter Sounds: Click here!

    CVC Words: Click here!

    Nonsense Words: Click here!

    Fluency: Time yourselves reading, see how many words you can get in a minute, try the same passage all week, and see how much progress you make!  If there are words you come across that you don't know write them down! We can review how to break them apart! Email me your progress from Monday-Friday! I will send you a reward!

    Grade 1 Fluency Passage

    Grade 2 Fluency Passage

    Grade 3 Fluency Passage

    Grade 4 Fluency Passage

    Grade 5 Fluency Passage