• The 12 Most Essential Skills Every Fine Artist Must Have

    Ever wonder what skills an artist needs to be successful? This article and video explain 12 skills that are important for aritsts to learn. Included are great explainations of Perspective, Composition, Colors, Shading (Tone) and drawing the human head, face and body. 


    1. Realistic drawing

    2. Constructive drawing

    3. Ability to draw from life

    4. Drawing from memory and imagination

    5. Knowledge of art materials and their skillful use

    6. Knowledge of the rules of perspective

    7. Knowledge of golden proportions

    8. Composition skills

    9. Knowledge of the proportions of the human head, face, and body

    10. Knowledge of human anatomy

    11. Understanding and using the techniques of rendering tonal value

    12. Color theory and techniques for working with colors