Trashy Town    

    Title: Trashy Town

    Author: Andrea Zimmerman and David Clamesha


    Dear Parents,

    This week’s speech and language session is based on the story “Trashy Town." Using literacy based instruction, activities were created to target your child’s speech and language goals. Remember, individualized activities will be sent through email on your child’s “speech day.” Please don’t hesitate to ask me for other suggestions or help modifying activities and materials. 

    Thank you,

    Miss Elaine


    Weekly Online Activities:

    1. Listen to the story Trashy Town on YouTube: Click here

     Listen and watch this story with your child. Feel free to pause the video and ask questions, point to pictures, or label items to engage your child. Have your child yell “STOP” and “NO” within the story.  Give visual cues for these words (hand up for “stop” and pointer finger shake for “no”).


    2. Vocabulary Review

    Nouns: Garbage truck, mouse, school, trash can, building , park, Mr. Gilly, gloves, bathtub

    Verbs: Drive, dump, ride, empty, fill, work, life, pour, wash

    Have students identify vocabulary. Ask "Where is __?" Once the student finds the picture, have them point to it. To encourage expressive language, ask students "What's that?" while pointing to the picture. To expand language, encourage students to play "I Spy" by saying "I spy a __" or "I see a __" while naming pictures.

    There is repetitive and predictive text within the story so encourage your child to join in: “Dump it in, smash it down, drive around the Trashy town”


    3. Answer Story Questions

    Have your child answer inferencing questions. If your child is unable to provide an answer, offer choices or change it to a yes no question if necessary.   

    1. Look at the cover. What will this book be about?
    2. What could be in the trash cans behind the pizza parlor?
    3. What could be in the garbage cans at the fire station?
    4. Who else might help keep the town clean?
    5. Where does Mr. Gilly spend his day?
    6. What could be in the trash cans behind the school?
    7. What would happen if no one gathered our trash?
    8. Why are there birds at the dump?
    9. Does Mr. Gilly like his job? How can you tell?


    4. Decription Activity

    Have your child describe an item from the trash pile using the “Describe it” tool. Guide them to use the group (category), size, and color and see if they can keep going (parts, feels like, shape).  Give examples if needed.  “Is the item big?”  “Is it green?”


    5. Community Connection- Garbage Truck Activities for Kids

    Many kids are fascinated by garbage trucks -- the same way that they're intrigued by construction equipment and race cars. Garbage trucks offer an extra educational opportunity to teach children about recycling, reuse and generally taking care of the environment. If you can inspire them to clean up around the house, too, so much the better.

    Garbage Toss- Try this activity on a rainy day when you need some physical fun. Take a large cardboard box and set three bowls, bins or buckets inside. Call them "Trash," "Compost" and "Recycle." Make signs or labels if you like. Place the box -- which represents the garbage truck -- at one end of a room and have your child stand at the other end of the room 1. Let him toss bean bags, foam balls or crumpled-up pieces of paper or foil into the bowls.




    Please remember to contact me if you have any questions regarding these activities or the activities emailed to you on your child's "speech day."