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    Day 1:

    Caterpillars in cup-Day 1

    How many caterpillars do you see? Count them!

    Are they big or small?



    Day 2

    Caterpillars in a cup-Day 2

    These caterpillars were mailed to me in this cup! The cup is their home until they make their own cocoons. See all the brown stuff at the bottom of the cup? That’s their food! What do you think they are eating? What did you eat today?


    Day 3

    Caterpillars in cup-Day 3

    The caterpillars are starting to move more and explore their new home in this cup! They can’t stay in the window today or the sun will make them too hot!

    Was it hot or cold outside today?


    DAY 4:

    Caterpillars in a cup-Day 4

    Woah! These caterpillars are growing! Do you think they look bigger or smaller today? I think they are getting bigger!

    I bet you have grown bigger since I last saw you. How tall are you? Maybe mommy or daddy can measure your height (that’s how tall you stand!) and see how much you are growing too!


    Day 5:

    Caterpillars in a cup-Day 5

    The caterpillars make webs of silk inside the cup to help them move around inside. Did you move your body today? Were you inside or outside?


    Day 6

    Caterpillars in a cup-Day 6

    Where are the caterpillars? Some are crawling on the bottom of the cup and some are crawling on the top. How many caterpillars do you see on top? How many caterpillars do you see on the bottom?


    Day 7:

    Caterpillars in a cup-Day 7

    The caterpillars are seven days old! There are 7 days in 1 week. They are 1 week old! Let’s say the days of the week together, “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday!” Some of you know a song to help us remember the days of the week. If you do, sing it now.


    What is today? What was yesterday? What is tomorrow?




    DAY 8:

    Caterpillars Day 8

    Can you spy all the caterpillars in this cup? Play a game of "I spy" at home today!


    Day 9:

    Caterpillars Day 9

    How many caterpillars are living in this cup?

    How many people live in your home?

    Give each of them a hug today!


    Day 10:

    Caterpillars in a Cup-Day 10

    The caterpillars are starting to hang out on the bottom of the lid…What do you think they are doing up there?


    Day 11:

    Caterpillars in a Cup-Day 11

    There is a caterpillar hanging upside down from the lid! What is this caterpillar starting to make? Maybe he is starting his cocoon? Just like the hungry caterpillar did!


    Day 12

    Caterpillars in a cup-Day 12

    Two caterpillars are hanging upside down now! One has started to form his chrysalis, that’s another word for cocoon! This will be his home for the next week or so while he transforms inside! Transform means to change. What will he change in to?


    Day 13

    Caterpillars in a cup-Day 13

    How many caterpillars are hanging upside down now?! What other animals can hang upside down? Can you?


    Day 14

    Caterpillars in a cup-Day 14

    How many cocoons can you count?


    Day 15

    Caterpillars in a cup-day 15

    4 cocoons are hanging from the cup. One fell down! Uh-oh!



    Cocoons in net


    All our caterpillars formed cocoons. We opened the cup and removed the lid and set it in this log. Now they will live in a large butterfly net to hatch into their butterfly forms.


    Cocoons up close in log stand  

    Now we wait for them to transform from cocoons into butterflies!


    Cocoons up close


    One cocoon is darker than the others. Can you see the outline of the butterfly wings? This one looks almost ready to come out!



    Butterfly 1

    Butterfly 2

    Butterfly 3

    Butterfly 4

    Butterfly 5

    Butterfly 6

    Butterfly 7

    Butterfly 8