Title: Peppa Pig's Picnic


    Weekly Online Activities:


    1. Watch and listen to the episode: Peppa Pig’s Picnic on YouTube

    You can pause the video and point to pictures, label items and talk about what’s going on in the scene.


    2. Vocabulary Review: picnic, picnic basket, cheese, sandwich, bread, lemonade, strawberry cake, watermelon, duck pond, wasp/bee, eat/hungry

    Have your child identify vocabulary. Ask "Where is __?" Once your child finds the picture, have them point to it. To encourage expressive language, ask your child "What's that?" while pointing to the picture. To expand language, encourage your child to play "I Spy" by saying "I spy a ____" or  say "I see a ____"  or “I eat ____” while naming pictures.


    3. Answer story questions

    Have your child answer questions after you read the story. If your child is unable to provide an answer, offer choices or change it to a yes/no question to make it easier. 

    1. Where is the family going? (The family is going on a picnic)
    2. Who is at the picnic? (Daddy Pig, Mommy Pig, George and Peppa)
    3. How does Daddy Pig feel after he eats? (sleepy/tired)
    4. What do the kids feed the ducks? (bread and/or strawberry cake)
    5. Where do the ducks live? (The ducks live in the duck pond.)
    6. What is flying around Mommy Pig? (wasp/bee)
    7. Does Mommy Pig like wasps/bees? (NO!!)
    8. How does Daddy Pig get exercise? (by running away from the wasp/bee)
    9. What is good weather for a picnic? (warm, sunny, nice)


    4. What’s in Your Picnic Basket? 

    Model phrases for your child to imitate using foods from the story or foods that you and your child would take on a picnic. If your child is only combining 2 to 3 words use the phrase “I take lemonade” or “I take grapes” If your child is combining 4,5 and 6 words sentences use the phrase “I take watermelon on a picnic” or “I take chicken on a picnic”.


    5. Community Connection

    Have a family picnic in your back yard on a sunny, warm day. Have your child help by saying what they want to take on the picnic. You can either plan the picnic or just take whatever food you have in the fridge or pantry.




    Please remember to contact me if you have any questions regarding these activities or the activities emailed to you on your child's "speech day."