Title: Cookie's Week

    Author: Cindy Ward and Tomie dePaola


    Weekly Online Activities:


    1. Read! Listen to the story, “Cookie’s Week” on YouTube: Click here

    Listen and watch this story with your child. Feel free to pause the video and ask questions, point to pictures, or label objects to engage your child. If you have a copy of the book, have your child follow along by turning the pages in the book.


    2. Talk! Vocabulary Review: cat, toilet, plant, trash can, kitchen drawer, closet, curtains, water, dirt, garbage, pots and pans, clothes                      

    Have your child identify vocabulary. Ask "Where is __?" Once your child finds the picture, have them point to it. To encourage expressive language, ask your child "What's that?" while pointing to the picture. To expand language, encourage your child to play "I Spy" by saying "I spy a ____," "I see a ____"  or “I eat ____” while naming pictures.


    3. Talk! Answer story questions

    Have your child answer questions after you read the story. If your child is unable to provide an answer, offer choices or change it to a yes/no question to make it easier. 

    1. Who is Cookie?
    2. What color is Cookie?
    3. Where is the toilet?
    4. Where was the plant?
    5. Who knocked over the trash can?
    6. Where do we use pots and pans?
    7. What do we do with pots and pans?
    8. Where do we keep clothes?
    9. When did Cookie run in the closet?
    10. When did Cookie climb the curtains?

    You can practice simple yes/no questions with your child too. Look at the vocabulary pictures or pages in the book and ask your child a yes/no question while pointing to the picture. For example, point to Cookie and ask “Is this a dog?” (No) or “Is this a cat?” (Yes).  If your child answers incorrectly, explain why and expand on the correct response. (i.e. "Is this a cat? Yes, this is a cat. It has a tail and says “meow.” It is a cat.”)  You can do this with all the vocabulary pictures.


    4. Community Connection

    Remember the childhood game “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar”?  If not, here is a reminder of the words and actions for the game:

    “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” (Everyone sings together)

    “(Name family member) stole the cookie from the cookie jar.”

    “Who me?” (Named family member points to self)

    “Yes, you!” (everyone nods their head and points to named family member)

    “Not me!” (Family member shakes head “no”)

    “Then who?” (Everyone sings and shrugs their shoulders)

    (The accused thief names another family member!)

    “(Name of family member) stole the cookie from the cookie jar” (repeat previous back and forth lines)

    To end this back and forth after everyone has been named, someone can say:

    “Okay, okay….I took the cookie!”

    “I took the cookie from the cookie jar!”

    “The yummy, yummy cookie from the cookie jar.”

    “Are you hungry?”

    “Let’s share!” (pretend to eat a cookie together)


    Try it out together at home this week! Use this game to talk about how Cookie from the story is different than a cookie we eat. This back and forth pattern teaches conversational back and forth skills. Singing this song also targets using and understanding “you” and “me.”




    Please remember to contact me if you have any questions regarding these activities or the activities emailed to you on your child's "speech day."