• EPS Reopening: Frequently Asked Questions


    Instruction and Daily Operations

     Will remote classes be taught in "real time?" 

    Yes. Classes will follow the school day schedule and will be livestreamed via Zoom, allowing students to participate and interact with their peers and teachers in real time. 

    What online platform will the school district use for remote instruction?

    Classes will be livestreamed via Zoom (see above). Students will receive, complete and turn in assignments via Schoology, an online education platform that serves as a sort of virtual classroom.

    What if I've never used Zoom or Schoology before? 

    No problem! Both are user-friendly. Families will receive information and instructions on how to access and utilize Microsoft Teams and Schoology very shortly.

    What if my child doesn't know their Student ID number or password to log into their devices and/or applicatons? 

    Please call your school directly to obtain that information.  

    How will schools handle attendance and grading?

    All students will be expected to take part in instruction each school day; existing attendance and truancy policies will be enforced. All students will be held accountable for completing assigned work and will be graded based on criteria established by their individual teachers.

    Will the district continue to offer related arts, including art, music and gym classes?

    Yes, to the extent teachers are able to do so through remote instruction. 

    Will students, including those enrolled in Career and Technical Education labs housed at Erie High School, still be able to participate in “hands-on” activities and labs? 

    Yes, to the extent that teachers are able to offer such activities through remote instruction. Students enrolled in CTE labs will receive individualized schedules that allow for some in-person, hands-on instruction at Erie High.

    What about school supplies? 

    Please contact your individual school for information. 

    Will students take the PSSA test and other standardized tests in 2020-21?

    We have received no information from the Pennsylvania Department of Education regarding standardized testing as of yet.

    Will the district revise its dress code policy for 2020-21?

    Yes. In light of the challenges many of our families are facing and other considerations, the district is revising its dress code policy for 2020-2021 to eliminate many specific requirements in favor of the following general guidelines.

    Students may:

    • Wear clothes that are not revealing or suggestive, such as see-through blouses, halter tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, and cutoffs.
    • Wear clothing, jewelry, and other accessories which do not promote, encourage, or depict any form of drugs (including alcohol), obscene, lewd or vulgar language or action, or promote any illegal activity.
    • Wear pants secured around the waist. Pants may not be "distressed" (e.g. have rips or holes).
    • Wear shorts or skirts, the hem of which must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
    • Students may wear hoodies during the school day but only if the hood remains down.  If a student pulls the hood up during the school day, it will be considered “insubordination” as defined in the Student Code of Conduct.

    Students may not:

    • Wear outerwear during the school day. Outerwear includes but is not limited to coats/jackets, windbreakers, wind pants, gloves, hats and scarves.
    • Students may not wear open-toed shoes, slippers, high heels, sandals or flip-flops.

    Specific dress requirements may be assigned to students participating in technical labs or other classes or activities that necessitate the wearing of specific clothing in order to maintain the health and safety of that student and others. The complete dress code is included in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

    Will the school district continue to provide breakfasts and lunches? Yes. Every Wednesday beginning Wednesday, Sept. 9, we will distribute five days’ worth of breakfasts, lunches and milk servings to every student enrolled in an EPS school. Distribution will take place Wednesdays from 3 to 6 p.m. at the following locations:

    • Metz Culinary Center, 255 E. 19th (walk-up and drive-up service)
    • East Middle School, 1001 Atkins St.
    • JoAnna Connell Elementary School, 1820 E. 38th
    • Harding Elementary School, 820 Lincoln Ave.
    • Grover Cleveland Elementary School, 1540 W. 38th

    Only students currently enrolled in an EPS school are eligible to receive meals. Families of EPS students may pick up meals at any of the above locations, regardless of the school their child attends. Families must provide a student’s name, school and student ID number (lunch number).


    Will the district make technology available to students? If so, how will it be distributed?

    Yes, the district will distribute devices to ALL students, preK-12, regardless of their educational path (traditional in-school, hybrid, or remote). Students in preK-first grade will receive iPads. Students in grades 2-12 will receive Chromebooks. Families will be asked to sign contracts requiring the return of the device at the end of the 2020-21 school year. The district is currently developing a distribution plan.

    Will the district offer technology support to families?

    Yes. Families should call our Helpline at 874-6801 from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. on school days or email epssupport@eriesd.org for technical support. Please see additional technology troubleshooting information here

    I'm concerned about issues surrounding privacy and technology use.

    Student safety is our top priority. The district is working with our Information Technology Department staff to ensure students’ online education experience is safe, and will distribute specific guidelines for safe technology use.


    Student Services and Special Education/English Language Learners

    How will the district address the social and emotional needs of students during this time? 

    The district has a variety of social and emotional supports in place, including the School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBIS) framework. The district will continue to monitor students’ academic, behavioral, emotional and social needs as we support mental health and wellness.

    How will we meet the needs of our students with IEPs?

    We recognize students may need services delivered in different ways, and/or additional services. We’re committed to working with parents to design plans that meet the specific needs of our special education students.

    My child has an IEP. I'm concerned they may have trouble using technology or engaging in remote learning.

    We understand that some children may need adaptive technology or different technology that what we’re currently offering and will work with families to help meet the needs of those students.

    Sports, extracurricular clubs and after school activities

    Will the district offer sports in the fall?

    Yes. Please see our EPS Reopening Athletics Health and Safety Plan

    Will the district continue to offer extracurricular clubs and after school activities?

    Yes, as we’re able to do so remotely.