• 8th grade

    Hello 8th graders and families!

    I will be using this page to talk or post things specific to your grade.  The following are topics or activities you will be learning or participating in:

    • Fitness Gram: this includes height, weight, sit and reach, sit-ups, push-ups, and the PACER assessments.  These score are not used in calculating yoru grade.  They are simply used as a base number to evalute where you currently are and to track your progress throughout your years at Strong Vincent.
    • Look, Listen Link:   This is our suicide/depression awareness lessons
    • Lifeskills Training:  This is the majority of our curriculum.  Topics include but are not limited to (Drug abuse, making decisions, media influences, coping with anger and anxiety, communication and social skills, assertiveness, resisting peer pressure)
    • FLASH: Family Life and Sexual Health.  Topics include (health and hygiene, STI's and birth control basics).
    • Learn to Swim:  I will be following the American Red Cross skillsets checklist to evaluate and instruct each individual student.