• For week three please make usre you have completed weeks 1 and 2 assignements, if you have not please complete them by Wednesday.  We will be starting a new platform to send our lessons to you starting April 20 so please check your emails often. Until then stay safe, stay healthy, and READ READ READ

    If you have completed the above assignments, you may pick any reading passage on Readworks.com and compete the passage and the reading.

    Please email me with any questions.

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  • Our novel, Percy Jackson, can be found under the WEb resources page.


    For week 1, you should have read chapter 13 in Percy Jackson and answered the TDQ questions I had posted.  You should also be doing your reading for AR nightly.


    For week 2, you should continue reading chapter 14 in Percy Jackson and write a summary based on what you read.  Your summary should include:

    * Who- The characters

    *Where- The setting

    *What- What were the MAIN events that happened in the chapter?

    * Why- What is the reasoning for the events in the chapter ?

    Please remember to use conventions, capital letters, and correct sentence structure. Email me with any questions you may have.  Stay safe and stay healthy.

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  • I will post assignments for the week on Sundays for the following week.  Continue to read any text you have in your home with your child.


    Please have your student answer the following questions on a seperate paper and put into a folder untill we are able to return to school,  Please email me with any concerns and or questions.  

    Please read chapter 13 online, and answer the follwoing questions:

    1. Do you think Percy and Annabeth will have the same fate as Athena and Posideon?  Why or Why not?

    2.Is Percy's ability to smell other monsters  strenghening as he embraces his bloodline?  Please provide an example from the text.

    3. Why do you think Enchida wanted Percy to jump and save hiself in the water below? Please provide evidence to support your answer from the text.

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