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    Name:  Mrs. Cheryl Steele
    School:  Perry Elementary School
    School Phone:  814-874-6485
    Room #:   12B
    Classes:   Fourth Grade Writing
    Welcome Message:
    Welcome to Fourth Grade Writing!   This is going to be a wonderful journey as we learn to write, express ourselves, create ideas and appreciate the true art of writing.   Every other day, we will focus on the mechanics/process of writing including the structure of a good sentence.  Grammar rules the day during these sessions.  On alternate days, we will visit authors by using mentor texts in order to appreciate the art of writing from many perspectives.   These days the focus is on developing the creativity of writing through reading and experimenting with a variety of sentences, phrases and word choices.  
    I am honored to be a part of the staff here at Perry.  I have taught a variety of grade levels and subjects, but none more joyful than writing.  I truly feel it is the foundation of a complete education.  
    Please encourage your students to write at home.  Making this a functional skill can motivate your student to discover why writing is so important to our daily lives.



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